The Politics of Plain Language

In 2011, legislation took effect at the federal level that had ramifications for all government entities, including state and local governments. That’s because, in October 2010, President Obama signed the Plain Writing Act of 2010. This Act meant that by October 11, 2011, all new federal publications, forms, and publicly distributed documents had to be written in a... Continue Reading →

The Power of Public Address

Please leave party politics at the door. This post is about power and politics, but not about political power…this post is about the power of public address. For example, in January, we were reminded of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, speech at the Lincoln Memorial, August 24, 1963. Through video or audio recordings, we recalled (or learned about)... Continue Reading →

An Ear for an Eye on the World…

I am a writer... And as far as I know, no one has ever offered a bounty for one of my ears. Not so for Akram Aylisli, a highly regarded writer, poet and scriptwriter from Azerbaijan who once received that country’s most prestigious literary prize. However, a couple of years ago, the leader of the... Continue Reading →

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