Reprise post: Winning poem published by Writer’s Digest


Originally posted on “This Writing Life” in August 2011 and reposted here in July 2012.
Cliché clinches a spot in the Top 25!

My poem Cliché landed in 24th place in the 6th Annual Writer’s Digest Poetry Competition, and can be found on page 35 of their Poetry Collection printed edition.

This is the second win for Cliché, which placed 9th in an overall Writer’s Digest Writing Competition. Another poem, Incantation, also placed in the Top 50 winners of this competition.

For copies of these winning poems, email me at



4 responses

  1. Andrea, I also placed in that contest! (36th w/”The Menopausal Mermaid takes Medical Advice”).
    I won 1st place back in 2007 (2nd annual contest–“Respiratory Tech at the Vietnam Memorial, 1989”). BTW, do you know that the 6th annual collection is on google books? You can type in your poem title and it pops up. I like your poem very much, btw!! Did you notice they are cancelling the poetry competition for next year–at least, I found no reference to next year’s
    competition on the WD website. Pity, huh? I like entering it–did you have a poem in this year’s contest? I submitted two.

    1. Hi — Thanks for your comment, and congratulations on your great wins! I’m looking forward to reading your poems. Is your 2007 poem available online? I somehow missed the deadline for this year and didn’t know about next year’s. Good luck with your submissions this year…let me know how it goes! Best wishes, Andrea P.S. Thanks for the tip about Google books!

      1. Hi Andrea, I’d love to read “Incantation” also, if you’d care to send it to me! Here’s a link to my 2007 poem: You have to double click on the image to make it large enough to read. Your blogs are all very interesting–I’ve had a chance to peruse them. Did you watch the Olympic men’s road race? I was glued to the t.v. for the whole 5-6 hours and then what an upset! I admire your efforts to encourage young writers and to work for worldwide peace–I was just thinking the other day that the word “peace” is the most beautiful word in our language! It is what I strive for in my own life, every day. Most of the time, I do have it, but it is difficult if you start thinking about the world…. Well, writing helps a lot–I hope you keep entering contests. Beatriz

      2. Hi Beatriz — Sorry for my slow response…I have been putting together my first poetry book manuscript (Incantation and Cliché are in it!) and I can’t believe the time and energy that goes into that. The Olympics were spectacular in terms of the athletics…people are so amazing. Sad news today about Lance Armstrong…no matter what the truth is. Let’s keep writing for peace, writing to change the world…