Writing about riding…what could be better than that?

Originally posted on “This Writing Life” in July 2011 and reposted here July 2012. 

For a riding writer, or a writing rider…
this could be heaven.”

As a feature writer for USA Cycling, I’ve had the privilege of writing about some of the hottest talent and coolest people in the many facets of the cycling world.

Take a look at these early articles from 2011 — I’ll be posting more soon!

Race Across America — A Truly American Endeavor in the May 2011 Communique,  a ride by Team 4Mil to benefit the Wounded Warriors Project.
P.S. They won the cup! 



“Cycling provides a counterbalance to our modern living.”


The Wheels on the Bike Go Round and Round…a news feature about Ric Hjertberg, one of the true innovators in the sport of cycling.

No Brakes — A front page story on USA Cycling, and the feature story in the July 2011 Communique.

The Star Track Team Ready to Roll Out

Stephanie Torres of the Star Track Team…the youngest person ever to medal at Collegiate Nationals